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Moving part of the family at a time

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Okay, this is something this has jumped into my mind a time or two. So, I've given it a little thought and come up with a possible solution.

Scenario: The zombies are coming. Okay, truth be told, I'm not a zombie guy, but that is code for 'some shit happened, things have gotten very bad, and I have to move the family to my little plot of peace (BOL)". For whatever reason, taking the cars is not possible and we've either got to bike out or walk and we cannot do it all at once. I have to make two trips to get the family out. Insert whatever other scenario here, but the key is that I have to leave part of the family behind.

Since I have to leave half the family behind and I worry about looters, scavengers etc, I have been thinking of how to keep them safe.

One possible idea came to mind. I smash in the windows in the front, wreck the place good, leave spraypaint on the walls, leave the cupboards open and empty, leave some blood stains on the wall. Have I convinced roaming looters that the place has already been gone through so that they don't bother going to the back of the house where the family hides and waits, guns ready? Or did I just wreck my shit a little sooner than they did and not added any security? Any other ideas?
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If I had to move in groups, I would be thinking in terms of a safe room at the starting location. Maybe beef up a walk in closet that would be barred from the inside until you get back, or build some sort of hidden crawlspace room or whatever. If you think it's needed, build a safe room at your BOL too.
I dunno, but I would be thinking more "well hidden" than "well armed," but they could be both. I don't think you want your family to get into a firefight if it can be avoided.
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