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More on Brownell back orders

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There were HD teflon coated metal 30 round AR mags on sale yesterday at 16.99 each
at Palmetto I think it was - they sold out in a few hours or less. I'll reiterate my feeble belief
structure on this fiasco:

1) HI Cap magazines are in trouble and we could lose access to them until the 3D printers
kick em out for us,

2) Troubled states are in more trouble - then ever - CA, NY, Mass, IL, but the rest will be

3) The gun show is about to die under the federal mandate of a back ground check which
many will be convinced can't be done by you, me or anyone else with web access and a computer
but instead "MUST" be done by a FFL. (don't get me wrong I like my FFL's but I know my
way around an Internet form as good as they do).

4) Quite possibly we might suffer limits on mail order ammunition; be wary of your FFL he
might be promoting that one.

Once that dust settles ammo will come back to reality, magazines - well - lets hope they
"F" up like they did in CA and enable us to buy parts - here in CA we can buy all the parts
if we want - we can even assemble all the parts - dumb f'ing idiots...God Bless em for being
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This hit home on me because I had some Scar-17 mags on order from Brownell's for a long time then got an email saying the were know longer available. Luckily I got some from another company a few months back.
I think Scar-17 magazines are made of Unobtainium.
That was an absolute scream! Mind you, I am not accustomed to getting up this morning, and haven't tanked up on coffee, yet.

I would have been one of those who had to leave the room. I had no idea how stocked up I am until a couple days ago when I was searching for something. Man-alive at the mags I bought, only to forget I bought them and bought more.
Sometimes, disorganization can pay off in the long run.
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My interweb is on the fritZ today
cant watch it :evil:
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