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I have been watching/reading for a good long time (not here) about prepping and have started prepping in the last few days. I am going to be a minimalist type of prepper. I will not be ready for "every contingency" or have rooms full of food ect. until I get my own home in the country and then I will have a homestead/hobby farm plus a stockpile. What I will have is the ability to walk out of the city I live in and get to my family farm with my wife on foot. In a later scenerio I will have to walk to the farm and retrieve my mother solo. I have a GREAT start IMO and will keep on slowly prepping until I am at 100%.

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Best wishes from SE Michigan!
Slow and steady is sometimes better than all at once. With your way you can take the time to think things out on what will work for you as opposed to buying whatever the marketers want you to buy.

BTW, welcome from Western Michigan

I am ex-military and have a unique understanding of "prepping". When you see me and the wife walking down the street, road, path trail we will look like a displaced family not a paramilitary unit. We will each have a laptop bag that is food + 1st aid (but no one else will know that!) and a school style backpack that is clothes/shelter/protection with as much water as we can carry. We won't be in camo or even camo colors. Our weapons will be handy (all .22's) but not exposed in anyway. We will have a very "non-traditional" but fully functional prep.
Welcome from New Mexico!
Zamial, why walking and not biking? Just curious. I'm here to learn as much as I can, through other's thoughts and prepps. Do you have to go far to your BOL?
Welcome from MN
Welcome from the great state of confusion, ILLANNOYED
Welcome from Florida
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