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I am coming here to this forum in hopes to find folks who can help me with getting
somewhat of a little plan to fight through the SARS-COVID-19 outbreak for when it happens but in depth..
Im looking for some in depth, professional direction and I knew I would probably find some very helpful information here.

When I was a young kid I always felt an attraction for Prepping. I thought it was the coolest thing
to have a family that prepped together. To have a plan and actual protocol to tackle any situation.
I've always wanted to be an actual prepper and sadly had no one to prep with me
" Either my GF is a liberal and believes that would never happen, or my parent at the time had fallen ill to hard drug use and my dad moved away with a new wife"

I've tried desperately on Yahoo Answers but to no avail! Every time I asked a fact based, referenced question
those people would say " Its less than the flu, get educated "
and when I site the actual severity of the situation with an in depth list references i am called
a " Troll " and " Do not feed the troll " and my questions
are reported and deleted.

I try really hard not to tell them to go sit and spin.

So yeah, I am just here to get real answers and finally get into meeting people like myself but who are actual preppers.
I really look forward to meeting you guys and to throw a few questions and ideas your way.
Anyways, Thanks guys I hope that you have a SAFE and awesome day

-Wounded Eagle -

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Welcome from Florida.
We have several members from Meatchicken, I'm sure they will chime in.

Right, Hawg?
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I would scrap meeting people during this media driven killer virus. The less contact with people the better.

I would suggest stocking up on beef, pork, poultry, plenty of charcoal, oak, cherry and apple wood.

Then get plenty of distilled spirits like bourbon bourbon and bourbon.

Stock up soap and wash your hands.

Then start up the grill get your BBQ on and pour a few fingers of bourbon then sit down and hang on it may be a bumpy ride.

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Welcome to the forum....On here we can be somewhat rambunctious, but thats a way to drill through to the inner person. If you truly want some feedback, ask away. you have everything from medical folks, to farmers, to warriors, and worriers.

The only stupid question is one you don't ask....(or any one that you ask Gambit)....just kidding..... enjoy the forum....get a new girlfriend.... honor your parents by just not bringing that shit up...and enjoy the life of feeling ready for anything.
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