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Insurance costs are on the rise and folks are getting more and more pickier with insurance companies for their benefits. I'll explain:

Driving down the road in my area about six months ago, I spotted about six houses in my area that have been purchased in the last year. Outside of these homes, non local "roofers" were knocking on the doors at all six of these "new" homes. Acme Roofers from two states away were flooding the area like starving coyotes. A few months later, I saw piles of asphalt and roofing material in pallets stacked up in their driveways. In their front yard, I saw signs that said showcased the company that was putting the new roof on these homes (This is how I knew they were located hundreds of miles away). The numbers were not local, so my first impression was that a neighboring state roofer(s) heard of the hail storm we got in the area and decided to set up shop in our town.

I live in the same area, but the "roofers" didn't knock on my door. Why? Because I live up the road a little bit outside of the subdivision in a much lesser house than the doctors and lawyers. I had about 10ish shingles blown off my roof and I had one area of my bathroom that had brown spots where the water came in. The houses that were in the subdivision didn't look bad at all, I didn't notice any visible shingles blown off after the storm. But the roofers from different states decided to hit the fast and rich areas instead. As the months progressed, I noticed that the pallets sat out in some of their driveways for a few months without application!?!?!

My question here is, "If their house had roof damage that bad to have the insurance company finance a new roof, then why did the roofers wait months before applying these shingles"? Another question is why don't insurance companies require a metal roof for their clients? Sure, the customer might go to another insurance company a year later and the original insurance company just bought a new roof for their customer, but that roof was owed to the customer right? Also, if everyone purchased metal roofs in this country, then cost of oil for the asphalt and the environment wouldn't suffer? Although I have seen insurance companies pay for streaked metal roofs before, I do not think the insurance company should be required for the aesthetics with a few streaks shown. This just increases the cost of insurance for you and me because someone saw a dimple on top of their roof! I know that my roof had damage, but I opted out of getting it replaced for the sole fact of knowing that a tree didn't go through the roof and a hole six foot wide is not visible. Only a few shingles and one small stain. I'll save my money and get this fixed at a later time so I don't help bankrupt the country.

Now, some ideas for survivalist and preppers for a metal roof is mainly for the repair that was mentioned above. Other ideas that come to mind is about fire hazards, emp (not sure if this would protect it though, emp preppers provide input here), and of course heating and cooling issues.

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