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OK. I dont know if anyone here saw that documentary on Animal Planet/Discovery about the mermaid theory awhile back. If you did you might remember the bloop the NOAHH scientists captured that got them in a lot of trouble because it exposed naval sonar testing coincided with mass beachings of sealife and there wa seven specualtion of "mermaids" being heard in the recording.

Anyways thats not the moral of the story. I was trying to find it for an unsolved mystery project Im working on and came across this.

Mermaids, Sound Weapons and Government Cover-Ups - Time No Longer

What the hell is DHS doing erasing all recordings and evidence related to this event.

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I think the main thing that show was going on was the fact that humans DO have several features which suggest that at least at one point in time we did spend a lot of time in the water over periods of thousands of years. Must have been some good fishing going on during a long warm spell. Me myself I never had to be shown how to swim, I used to be a very strong swimmer and am still faster in the water than on land. We're also the only land mammals with hair that sweat salt. The fossil record also shows that we grew big brains because we learned to hunt meat and this led to our dominating the food chain through invention. The scholars think it started with fishing and moved onto big game animals. All those omega three oils are shown to be good for the brain.

Our bodies actually suggest we spent quite a long period either swimming diving or fishing as a lifestyle. Now, as far as seal people roaming the ocean in quiet tribes...dunno about all that.
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