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Meduim Med Kit

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I just finished updating a first aid kit that I think of as "the medium med kit." This one usually rides around with us in the car, and we take it camping (which can involve up to 8 people) and to the range. It fits into the 8" X 8" X 3" pouch that came with my tarp, and it probably weighs 2.5 pounds.

The idea was to create a "ready for almost anything" kit that would cover a wide range of applications, and do so in as small a package as possible. I thought it might be semi-interesting(ish), informative, or amusing to list the contents in some detail. Maybe it will give new preppers some ideas for kits tailored to their own needs.

I keep it all organized more or less by task, so that's the way I'll list it...

12 - Expectorant - 400 mg guaifeneasin
12 - Antihistamine - 25 mg diphenhydramine
24 - Anti-diarrheal - 2 mg loperamide
24 - Antacid - 500 mg calcium carbonate
24 - Aspirin - 325 mg aspirin
24 - Ibuprofen - 200 mg ibuprofen
24 - Acetaminophen PM - 500 mg + 25 mg diphenhydramine

sm tube - Muscle rub
sm tube - Triple antibiotic w/ painkiller
sm tube - Oral gel, 20% benzocaine
1 bottle - Eye drops
8 packets - Burn gel, 2% lidocaine + aloe

4 - Alcohol prep pads
2 - Disposable scalpels
4 - Splinter-outs
4 - Lancettes

4 - Alcohol prep pads
sm tube - SuperNumb, 5% Lidocaine topical
4 - Sutures, 4-0 silk
1 - 5" hemostats
1 - 5" forceps/tweezers
20 - Cotton swabs

4 - Antiseptic towelettes
sm tube - Superglue
4 packs - 1/4x3 Steri-strips
15 - Lg Butterfly closures
30 - Assorted self-adhesive bandages

6 - Antiseptic hand cleaner
2 pair - Exam gloves

8 packets - WoundSeal powder
2 - 5x9 ABD pads
4 - 3x4 No-stick pads
4 - 3x3 Gauze sponges
6 - 2x2 Gauze pads
4 - 1x1 Hemostatic gauze

2 - 3" Gauze rolls
2 - 2" Gauze rolls
2 - 1/2" Waterproof tape
1 - 1" Surgical tape
1 - Scissors (NOTE: Never run with these!)

2 - Triangular bandages
1 - Instant cold pack
1 - 4" ACE bandage
1 - 3" Self-adherent wrap
1 - 1" Self-adherent wrap

sm box - Waterproof matches
2 - Tea-light candles
1 - Sharpie + ballpoint pen
1 - Small notebook
1 - Mylar blanket

And yes, this all fits into that small bag... barely. I'll probably add an 18" SAM Splint, but that won't fit into this bag. Anyway, as always, I invite your comments and criticism. Well, not the snarky big goofball kinda criticism, which I seek to avoid, but any reasonably constructive criticism is definitely invited.. BYOB.
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What do you carry for medical tools - hemostats, scalpels etc. The first aid kits Mrs Inor carry in our trucks are not too dissimilar from what you have listed. But we have run into a bind trying to figure our which tools we need as neither of us are medical guys. (But we still want the tools in case run into a situation and find a professional without the tools - car accident etc.)
Prepadoodle - For a guy that says he is not a "prepper", but just a guy learning stuff - You sure know a lot and have a lot. You may be crazier than you admit. :)
The only thing I would add to your sucking chest wound kit would be some small sheets of plastic or maybe a couple zip lock bags. Years ago, before I blew out my knee, I was pretty active in the Ski Patrol. One of the things they taught us in our first aid classes was to cover a sucking chest wound with plastic so the chest cavity can develop a vacuum and the victim can breathe.

The other thing I learned from them was to cut 3 or 4 inch strips of the 1/2 inch square wire mesh for splints. This is the same mesh that folks use for making rabbit cages etc. It rolls up really easily, is light and easy to carry and when unrolled and bandaged to a broken leg or arm, provides a really good strong splint.

But like you, I am no doctor so value everything I say at what you paid for it. :)
Inor, these HALO thingies are already sticky enough to seal to the wound, that's what they are for. I guess you should have 2, because it might be a through hole and need one on each side. I'm thinking you could slap one on the exit and use the wrapper for the entrance hole if you had to, so 1 would be the bare minimum (easiest) way to go.
Yes - noticed you had mentioned those IMMEDIATELY after I posted my reply. :oops: One of these days I am going to learn that you do not usually leave anything out of your lists.
Either ice or Everclear (around 80% ethanol) works as a topical for a short time. Long enough to do stitches. I do agree though, I would love to be able to buy a 2% injectable lidocaine solution OTC. Why can't we? There is no high from it. I cannot imagine anybody becoming addicted. I do not think you can refine it into anything other than what it is?
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