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PM me for more info. if you aren't local, I don't mind workin with transport people to meet but I cant go far and you have to figure your own transport but I will work with whomever you find on meetingplace etc.

have a trio of nice meaty rabbits. traded to me as new zealands but I can pretty much bet they are florida whites, which are a fine meat breed just a bit smaller and easier to handle. but definitely should be good meat rabbits.
7 month old buck ready to breed, 6lb... $20
2y/o proven doe ready to breed, 7lb 12oz... $25
4y/o proven doe ready to breed, 6lb 12oz... $25

also have a Californian doe, bit on the small side for a cali but should grow a bit more with age and was a good mom. about 10 months old, had one litter for me... $20

i'm just downsizing for soon to be moving. if you are local I could work out a group deal for all, let's say $80 takes em all.

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