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Some thoughts come to mind since if the shtf, then you would want to still have the asthetics of a nice surrounding. I have some straight tree siblings that I cleared some brush out and put up as a barrier for leaves that blow into my yard. No factory plastics here, but I'm sure snakes are all over them. Also around my rose bushes (under my windows for security), I have creek stones stacked up. Its easier to weedeat around them since it does not mark like plastic would. For one of the center pieces in my yard, I have a huge boulder size rock and some little creek stone rock stacked up with some flowers planted around it. I also have cane growing in about 3 places, which I highly recommend for privacy, but highly recommend not getting because it spreads fast and it is extremely hard to dig up if you don't want it no more.

Here are some photos from last year.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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