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We have a BOL that is 2 3/4 hrs away using highways that go thru rural & urban locations. Some are limited access, & some are thru a city. I tried tweeking mapquest to give me only rural roads as an alternate route. It stated that the trip would take approx. alittle over 4 hrs. Figured it would be worth it if went thru small towns or country backroads. We headed up Friday morning to see how it would work. Bad move. We went over an hour & a half and went thru an area we could have taken a major highway & an interstate & gotten there in 3/4 an hour. The 2nd portion of the trip went much better. It was 2 connecting interstates thru the middle of nowhere & was more the type of traveling that wouldn't put us in harms way. Need to figure a way to get onto those higways w/out traveling thru heavily settled areas. Moral....make sure you know multiple routes to your BOL.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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