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Apparently, they have been on a fishing expedition. I have 1st hand knowledge of a cyberattack at a college, read about a few as well, suspect countless other occurrences on utilities to be hackers, but I personally believe that the downed phone service in certain areas in past 2 years across US, the shooting of electrical facility grids, canceled flights, the theft of all sent messages from Hotmail years back, these all seem like individual trial runs for a bigger attack.

When looking at all of these hacks in a bigger picture, It seems that foreign governments intend to disrupt the internet, phone service, transportation, electric grid all simultaneously, and I would only guess that for them the worst possible time for US for this to happen would be the next presidential election. Probably starts with disinformation like the Chinese did with US cell phones during the beginning of the pandemic, then transportation, then phone, utilities and so on.

I really have no clue why these Utility, & transportation companies are not running on standalone networks, or private networks that are not accessible via internet. Even the self-driving cars can be hacked. Computers and the internet may have shot us into the next technological century, our reliance on them on the other hand is liable to push us more backwards than we had moved forwards.

Truly hope I just saw that movie Diehard with a Vengeance one too many times.
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