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Looking at the viability of vehicle transportation in a less than lawful situation, I come to realize my sensible sedan might not be the best vehicle to rely on for an aggressive exfil of an area that might become hostile.
While I realize that having a completely custom mad-max style off road speedster like this might not be viable,
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Sky Vehicle

But my thoughts then turned to a question. What about tricking out a light pickup, made to focus on agility while also providing some storage for gear & scavenged supplies?
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Automotive side marker light

This seemed to be a good alternative to buying an armored hummer or sinking tens of thousands into building a post-apocalypse racecar.

What vehicle are you going to rely on in a grid down situation? I'm not looking to bug out, as I'll be moving to the countryside soon. But looking at maintaining a vehicle with tires, gas & parts, I see practicality should win out over fantasy, at least for me. Your needs & expertise may be drastically different than mine.

What are your thoughts for your post-shtf vehicle? Off road beast, Honda Civic dropped to the pavement, something in between?
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