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Looking to invest----crossbow

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Hey all, gun laws in nj are nuts so I want to invest in cross bow. Any suggestions,pros,cons. Feedback would be great:cool:
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In Michigan you had to be a certain percent disabled then they got rid of that. Again stressing LAW I would do ask recommended earlier and figure out if you are even leagal to own and operate one. Once that has been established I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the Barrnett Ghost 400. It is a lean mean deer killing machine... Now the price is a little up there but I like Quality on everything so I will pay more to get more... The only thing I would recommend with that bow is that you shoot Rage mechanical broadheads... They fly the best for mine and there is not much difference at all between firing a 100 grain field tip then throwing on a 100 Grain broad head...

There is also the fact that you need to be able to cock the device as well... All in all though I would recommend this to anyone that is willing to pay the price for it....
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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