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Looking to invest----crossbow

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Hey all, gun laws in nj are nuts so I want to invest in cross bow. Any suggestions,pros,cons. Feedback would be great:cool:
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Get a compound bow instead. If you are familiar with shooting and aiming guns then a well set up cross bow will be a quick and easy transition. Right after having the bow set up to me at the pro shop, they took me over to the range area where I left everyone in the show room dazed and confused as the first arrow I have ever shot missed the 1 inch dot by about 2 inches on the 20 yard range. Yeah it really was that easy! I drew back, centered the 20 yard pin in the peep site on the string and let it go with a release aid and boom, there ya go! Legalities are rarely an issue from one place to the other , other than minimum poundage to hunt with it. Its fun and God is it addicting, Im a bow freak in every sense of the word now a days. In fact there is a tree stand in the tree in my back yard and a 3d deer taget down below and I usually fling a few dozen arrows every morning when I get off work. Ya, I know I probably need some professional counseling as that sort of obsession just aint normal. And yes the feral cats, the rabbits and squirrels all know what my range is and steer clear, ha ha ha.:D
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Congrats! I hope that its everything you hoped it would be. Now after you have played with it a while youll have to do the obligatory pics and review write up for it and post it right here, on the forum!
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