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A lot of times people who do a lot of PLANNING and PREPARING do not have enough time to really think about the value of things from better times. Always the long stare at the ominous clouds coming from the front without ever thinking back to the sunshine. As preppers and survivalists, we oftentimes develop a sense of hardened and cold logic that we also inadvertently detach ourselves from the human condition. We're all human, not made of iron. I think that if my parents had not sat me in front of this man several times a week as a young child, that I might not have ended up a very nice person. This man knows a lot about preparedness and life in general, as he prepared millions of young children to not fear- but live in peace and harmony with their world while instilling in them a sense of honesty and integrity...a trait most of us take for granted. I still think I have a lot to learn from this fellow and I'll wager the world could too.

If you lost a little faith in these unprecedented times, have a look at this. It's both Hysterical and catchy, but someone did a damn good job.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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