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The 'Lockdown' of 2020 was a wakeup call for the science community. There were issues that the CDC never even thought to address with regard to the consequences on the human body for being Locked indoors for extended periods of time. They addressed the immediate needs but not long-term ones.

Certain SHTF scenarios would require long-term survival indoors. I hear may people talking about stocking up on potassium iodide, but how many of you are stocking up also on Vitamin D, or Serotonin supplements? These are what is produced by our bodies by being outside in the sun. Low levels of serotonin for example can cause or affect such body functions as mood, sleep, digestion, nausea, wound healing, bone health, & blood clotting.

In one 'Survival" forum site I read about this one prepper that primarily stored Dried beans, rice, potato flakes, beef Jerky, coffee & water. In this situation, he was fine for the short term, but long-term eating his preps would thicken his blood from dehydration, increase his blood pressure, and excrete more urine output due to coffee being a diuretic. The human body needs water to assist in processing and digesting food, & our bodies also get about 20 % of our water intake from the food we eat, but in his case, that number would be much less. The sodium content could also be a problem, especially when the body is less hydrated. For a man, that would mean 3.7 liters of water each day, under normal weather conditions & activity.

For him, the additional prep items that he would need would be Metamucil, stool softener, Multi-Vitamin, and a 'Super Hydrator' such as Gatorade drink/mix, milk, or chicken broth, and especially vegetable canned goods.

I want to also touch base on diuretics in general. Many of the foods we eat have diuretic properties. Parsley, hawthorn, corn silk, chicory, grapes, berries, celery, asparagus, onions, bell peppers, garlic, even watermelon, despite consisting of 90% water, it too has diuretic properties. Just something to keep in mind if one is running low on water.

One of the problems about long-term dehydration is that it thickens your blood. This in turn can raise one's blood pressure, also it makes it harder for your heart to pump blood, and long term can affect your organs as well.

For those that are not stocking up with canned salmon, I would also suggest getting Omega 3 supplements or foods like seeds or nuts such as Flax, Chia, & Hemp seeds, or try walnuts. Even olive oil has a small amount of omega 3 & 6, along with good fats that the body needs.

For those that are undergoing medication regiments, sooner or later one's meds will run out, and for centuries people have used healthy food diets with specific foods that can be used in place of medications if one is in a pinch. A strong cup of coffee is a natural bronchodilator, although not nearly as strong as an Ashma inhaler, but if used prior to an episode, can make breathing easier.

So, I suggest also downloading/buying Herbal remedies books and store it with your medical information books. I am not saying this will cure cancer by any means, but foods can be used for laxatives, anti-inflammatory, blood thinners, diuretics, antioxidants, bronchodilators, pain relief, and blood flushing (foods high in niacin), to name a few, in situations where getting the medication is unlikely.

What foods do you use rather than taking medicine?
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