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Ah, the new 10 meter radios once converted to 11 meter or c.b. bands are very much superior to some of the older design. I have had c.b. radios for 30 years, my older one is 10 years old and has an effective range of 12 miles ( tested). Recently a friend and I have purchased Stryker 955, radios. We have been able to comm, 25 miles, with vehicle mounted antenna. Also these radios have 10 bands, that go below and above c.b. bands , if you were so inclined you would be able to comm in "free band". They have upper and lower side band.

So 10 bands 40 channels each 400
Upper side band 400
Lower side band 400

Also you can buy encoders for these radios for secure communications.

Just wanted to share.
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