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Hello everyone. I am of course new to this.
I am 20, female, and completely alone in my prepping.
I have a bug out bag already, I've had it for over a year and just recently updated it. It's only stocked with enough stuff to last me a couple of days.
I live just on the outskirts of Atlanta and plan to head north into the Appalachian Mountains when things go down.
I do have rifle training but I feel firearms will just weigh me down, so I plan to keep fishing wire and hooks and use my dog who is a rat terrier in great shape to help catch small game. I've watched him take down quite a few squirrels and birds to know he is capable. :grin:
I know it will be dangerous for a girl such as myself to have nothing but a small dog at my side. I tried to bring up bug out plans with my friends and they all agreed they were staying with their family, I have no family so I guess I'm alone in this.
General advice and criticism to help me?
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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