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But bottom line is dont be fooled you need some type of firearm period!!!!!
As people have said on here if you are on your own what do you do with a 200lb + man( nothing!!) what do you do with multiple attackers?(nothing!!!) miss lady prepping aint no joke!!
Your only job is to survive, evade!! Escape!!! And live to fight another day.

We all want to trust someone, but if you are out there all alone then what?
End of the day miss you need a firearm, of some type, then train, prep plan maps, bob, good boots,
First aide, then screw up the courage to come to understand that you might be alone for a period.
Sorry lady for going on a rant, but certian rules apply.
In my opinion when prepping your mind set has( must) change!!!
And for you wanting to prep is a start.
But now one must come to terms with what one is willing to do?
1 - 6 of 43 Posts
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