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Welcome Kim. Seems like ya got a head on your shoulders. If you truly do not want a firearm then i suggest you get into REALLY good shape. Get to the point where you can run 5 miles with your pack on you. If your not gonna carry a weapon then be prepared to haulass. A good knife and walking stick are somthing also. Both are tools and weapons. I know atlanta has some martial arts instructors, take advantage of this. Get yourself in better shape than you are already in, we all need to do this.....

As for weapons you can also find instruction in your part of the world also...lucky you. i have VERY little in the way of instruction whre i am. If your interested in a firearm use the resources around you to learn from. Even take yourself hunting some to get the feel of it and learn how to cook the game you take.. A .22 is a great choice in either pistol or rifle. My wife LOVES her Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 pistol and her ruger 10/22 rifle (also a .22). However i recommend a .357 revolver (which can also handle .38 and .38+p loads) and a .22 rifle as the minimum. Carry a couple hundred rounds for the rifle and maybe 50 for the pistol and the weight is not bad at all. You can get these 2 weapons used for maybe 600$.\ish total....not sure about your area.

You gotta think..whats your life worth? Is it worth some training, some gym time? Is it worth carrying a gun or 2 and some ammo.

Just some thoughts.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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