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Kim - You sound pretty capable and I give you a great deal of credit for your commitment, determination and courage.

As ktletx1911a1 pointed out, even if you have excellent wilderness skills you remain vulnerable to attack, either by a wild animal or a human. If firearms are truly not in your plan (not judging), I would strongly advise you to become proficient (damn good) at protecting yourself with some other type of weapon. It doesn't have to be a knife, a crossbow or some such. For instance, I studied Jo Staff for some time under a female instructor that trained riot police for a living. What appears to be a simple 4 - 5 foot hardwood walking stick can easily break ribs and crack skulls when managed by a skill practitioner. More than once I watched a 5' 2" barefoot lady bring 6' 3" troopers to their knees in seconds (and she was being gentle).

Even though that was more than a decade ago, when I walk in the woods, I often bring my Jo Staff along and I practice my kata's as I walk (great upper body toner). In a confrontation I'd still rather have a gun, but if all I have is my walking stick, I stand a far better chance of coming out alive than if all I have is a pocket knife and canine buddy... no disrespect to your dog.
WOW!! This was so cool to watch!
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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