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Welcome to the forum from a North Texan. Great to have you here in no uncertian terms!

Hello everyone. I am of course new to this.
I am 20, female, and completely alone in my prepping.
I have a bug out bag already, I've had it for over a year and just recently updated it. It's only stocked with enough stuff to last me a couple of days.
Thats far better shape than most folks can say they are in much less someone your age! Ill give you mad props for being a leader instead of a follower and taking the initivive. It aint easy being the "lone stranger" but there are other out there in your position or in a very small group you might fit in with. With your mind set you sure to be an asset vs a liability.

I live just on the outskirts of Atlanta and plan to head north into the Appalachian Mountains when things go down.
Not a bad idea but given your location but your bound to have a lot of company out there cause a huge number of folks are thinking the same exact thing.

I do have rifle training but I feel firearms will just weigh me down, so I plan to keep fishing wire and hooks and use my dog who is a rat terrier in great shape to help catch small game. I've watched him take down quite a few squirrels and birds to know he is capable.
Thats great! But I will suggest that you at least consider a handgun and perhaps a 22 long gun at the very minimum. Lots of good light weight choices out there. God might have made Man (man/woman), but Sam Colt made them equal! Good to know you got "Killer" (Your puppy dawg) backing you up though. A small well trained dog can be a real asset. I have seen a few that can put dogs from the finest blood lines to shame when it comes to hunting in the field! The best squirrel dog I have ever owned wasnt a hunting breed at all and would have looked more at home in a show ring instead of the field from a looks stand point.

I know it will be dangerous for a girl such as myself to have nothing but a small dog at my side.
It might be but sometimes having a "familar friend" at your side can mean the difference in keeping your sanity and loosing it. Besides they make great early warning systems. All they cost is a few scoobie snacks and a lot of affection. Thats a pretty cheap investment! Sometimes its more about brains than it is brawn anyways.

I tried to bring up bug out plans with my friends and they all agreed they were staying with their family, I have no family so I guess I'm alone in this.
Lots of sheeple out there. Dont let them hold you back and dont let them discourage you. No one is going to take better care of Big #1 than you! Like I always say "You can be the hammer or you can be the nail". The choice is yours, dont be late!

Again great to have you here and I hope to see you around and see you often!
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