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Living underground

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Hi to all,new to this.glad to find a site of like minded.a little about me,I stumbled across a site about living in underground tanks,but could not afford one so built my own.i have been living in my tank about 4years,only thing i miss is seeing sun come up!! Working on a second one to sell,it's about 11ft by 36.made of almost 1half of inch thick,same as mine,made in 1955,for a big farm for liquid nitrogen,don't make them anymore,now they put a plastic liner in a steel tank(nitrogen) doesn't like steel any interest I would be glad to send pics,I did mine to save money and be safe.have a good nollidge of electronics and such,I used to repair electronics since 1981 full time but had to move into security cameras,alarms,etc,seems like everyone throws stuff away anymore.
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Hearty congratulations! You seem to be living in a bomb shelter, but have made it comfortable! No doubt
ventilation and all that are well taken care of. Are you looking forward to upgrades (Solar for instance)?

I, for one, would enjoy seeing pictures of you setup! From time to time I fantasize about putting a large
shipping container into the ground...but I live much too far away to purchase the one you have for sale.

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