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Living underground

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Hi to all,new to this.glad to find a site of like minded.a little about me,I stumbled across a site about living in underground tanks,but could not afford one so built my own.i have been living in my tank about 4years,only thing i miss is seeing sun come up!! Working on a second one to sell,it's about 11ft by 36.made of almost 1half of inch thick,same as mine,made in 1955,for a big farm for liquid nitrogen,don't make them anymore,now they put a plastic liner in a steel tank(nitrogen) doesn't like steel any interest I would be glad to send pics,I did mine to save money and be safe.have a good nollidge of electronics and such,I used to repair electronics since 1981 full time but had to move into security cameras,alarms,etc,seems like everyone throws stuff away anymore.
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Nice looking set-up there FBM.

Welcome from Missouri, neighbor.
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