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Living underground

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Hi to all,new to this.glad to find a site of like minded.a little about me,I stumbled across a site about living in underground tanks,but could not afford one so built my own.i have been living in my tank about 4years,only thing i miss is seeing sun come up!! Working on a second one to sell,it's about 11ft by 36.made of almost 1half of inch thick,same as mine,made in 1955,for a big farm for liquid nitrogen,don't make them anymore,now they put a plastic liner in a steel tank(nitrogen) doesn't like steel any interest I would be glad to send pics,I did mine to save money and be safe.have a good nollidge of electronics and such,I used to repair electronics since 1981 full time but had to move into security cameras,alarms,etc,seems like everyone throws stuff away anymore.
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4 years, eh?
Then you should be well versed in how to answer my question.
How do you handle drainage, and ensure you can't be flooded out?

Oh, and welcome!
Thanks for the welcome,I dug a big rectangle hole in top of a hill,dropped in sewer line that ties into a septic tank buried at bottom of hill hooked to a rental cabin that 100 ft away from me,got lucky the tank is lower than me.i put drain pipe around edges and across middle,then put in 4 inches of rock,black cloth then 6 inches of sand,(OVERKILL)I chocked both sides with 6X6 ran pipe out to grade,then I have an18 ft tunnel to get in.
Whatcha figuring your asking price is for the second bunker house?
Would like to get 20k,I paid 18k before moving it,it cost me about 5k to finish mine but has saved me a lot of money with no taxes and no insurance
Thanks grim,I think the best way to prepar for anything is try it for a while.i did buy 2solar panels but never hooked up yet,I think there 17 volt at 75 watt,may be able to regulate down to 12v with just a lite bulb,I will try to upload pics to give ideas.also good to try some long term storage food to see if you like it,I have tried several mountain house brand and was ok,would like to try several other brands soon. Building Interior design Wood Floor Wall
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Tank says 22,000 gallons,mine finished with floor has ceiling about 9ft high,with storage underneath,built bedroom area for 4 beds,but only did one down low on left and one up hi on right to put office desk under for now,will try to send a pic Furniture Table Property Television Interior design
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Will try to upload pics Furniture Table Property Television Interior design
Property Wood Building Plant Interior design
Shelf Cabinetry Building Shelving Countertop
Wood Fixture Flooring Floor Wood stain
Property Building Wood Window Tree
the last pic should be my deck,the only part that is seen before the dummy room behind it,about a 14 ft tunnel to get to tank door
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Thanks I am lucky to have a practice range about 200 ft away in the valley next to me,safer to shoot at low targets in a valley in case I miss,mite hit a deer by mistake and have no idea how to dress it....
Sorry it takes a while to respond,I work 7days a week,and am blessed with a lot of work.that price gets you a perfect tank built in 1955 but looks new,all measurements and plans to do what I did,I can cut door and do mods,welding,ventilation etc,for about 2k,all you need is build a floor and 2walls that have all support blocks and 2 six inch vents welded in proper place,6 inch vent tubes are 1/4 inch thick,double welded and will match any 6in plastic pipe,you don't want any metal above ground to be a better EMP structure.
Inside walls are paint and primer over the aluminum shell,on the outside is 2 And 1/2 inches of closed cell foam,so no moisture issues,no rust because of hi grade aluminum,the tunnel is made of 6/6 in by 18 ft long treated lumber,back stacked 3/4 in on each one for strength,it is wider at top than bottom.pinned with rebar,and top is 4 by 4 plus 2 layers of 3/4 treated plywood,with tar paper and drain can drive a tractor over it,if I did it again it would be concrete,spent many days,I pull in fresh air to bed with screen above grnd and filters below,all 12 volt,3 fans each switchable and old air out bath end 3 fans each sw,I heat incoming air with 100 watt heater in winter when home and a 200 watt heater continues,also a rv furnace 12 volt and propane ducted to every room,overkill unless power off for a long time.buried a 500 gallon tank propane for on demand h2o and fridge,plus cook stove,vented to outside
This tank runs on 2gell cell car batteries under floor and I charge it once every 2 weeks for one nite,this runs all lites and up to three fans in intake and exhaust tubes,depending on temp,humidity,ran wires for solar but not hooked up yet,tv and stereo require 120 volt,have 40 amp service ran into unit,also a 500 gallon propane buried tank 40 ft away supplies energy for fridge,h2o on demand heater and cook top.120 volt does run 200 watt heater on floor unless I use rv furnace,even tho tank is 15ft at bottom I caught a sewer line to septic tank at bottom of hill,thank god.....air smells normall and I monitor temp and humidity,summertime only requires running a dehumidifier once a week for one nite,stays 74 in winter at 200 watts and 70 in summer below 50 percent humidity.anything to help I would be glad to answer,THANKS
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