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When you stop sending all this hot humid weather up here I'll be fine.

What do you Rebels do when the dew point is mid 70s and temps in the mid 90s? AC costs too much so this Yankee (but a Red Sox fan)is going back to the man cave in the's 65 0F down there and the beer is near 32 oF.

P.S. No problem with southerners, just polking some fun. You guys/gals have a lot in common with myself.......I need a cold one
Yes it's very hot in the summer " NC " but winter is ok we get some snow but the temps are ok in my book , I just wish I could find a place were the temps get no higher then 70 degrees in the summer and no lower then 0 degrees in the winter , and then I will be a happy camper .
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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