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Food: 1 year can goods,dry beans and rice, sugar and salt. 4 laying hens, garden, large live trap. Lots of tree rodents around here.
Energy: 2 125 solar panels hooked to a grid tie system, flip a switch and they charge 4 deep cycle 12 volt batteries hooked to 2 inverters to make 120 volts ac. Lots of c,d,aa,aaa batteries. 5 gallons of kerosine for 5 hurricane lamps. 29 gallons of gas for the 6250 watt generator.
Water: Lots of bottled water and I continue to add to this, 7 gallon jug with tap dispencer. Creek nearby. 2 55 gallon drums of rain water collected from downspout.
Heat: The 5 hurricane lamps do put out a surprising amount of heat. 2 1500 watt oil filled electric heaters. 17 cans alcohol burners with wicks about the size of a sterno can. 6 bottles of alcohol to refill the cans. Lots of candles and lighters. 3 2 foot by 4 foot aluminum panels (homemade) painted flat black and placed in my southern facing windows. They get so hot you can't touch them without getting burned. Gets the room up to 85 degrees on a sunny day and I use a box fan to spread the heat to other rooms.
Protection: Baretta 22 pistol. Marlin 60 22 rifle, machette, throwing knives, recurve bow, Daisy powerline 880 pellet/bb gun. OSB panels cut to fit the lower half of the windows and covered with mini blinds.
Refrigeration: None
Misc: Ham radio gear bases and handheld radios, cb's, 500 doses potassium iodide, 200 doses amoxicillen, first aid supplies, fishing gear, hand drills and saws and other hand tools, lots of screws and nails, solar cell phone charger, hand cranked radio/flashlight/generator 5 volt. Whiskey and wine for trading. I still need to get some beer making equipment.
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