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I always love hearing what everybody else plans to use in the event of no electricity.

My back-ups are:

For cooking: I purchased a charcoal grill. W/the charcoal grill I can also use the wood off the apple trees (delicious!) We also have a firepit that is suitable for cooking w/ a cast iron "spiderpot".

For heating: We have a wood fireplace, and also a wood burner in our basement. A nice assortment of winter blankets and apparel. Hand warmers. Plastic and duct tape should we have to seal off windows for extra insulation. Blankets to hang up over doorways to seal the heat in the fireplace area.

For water: We can ride to the river & be back in an hour. We also have 2 springs nearby that are safe for consumption.

Food: Garden and hunting are the obvious ones. Apple trees. I need to learn to forage in the wild better (this is a goal, I'm setting for myself.) We have lots of wild blueberries, blackberries, etc. but I need to educate myself.

would love to hear what everyone's back-ups are...I love new ideas!
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