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FOOD Stores for 12+ months for 6 to 8 people. Garden, trapping, fishing and hunting.
ENERGY/COOKING Propane stoves, smoker and also wood fired grill and oven. For dire needs I have a Cobra 3000 watt inverter and maintain a large store of "D" & "AA" batteries for my flashlights which are all low energy LED. Also several handcrank flashlights as well as one handcrank radio.
WATER Potable water stores for 185 days for 6 people with another 432 gals. of gray water for irrigation or that can be boiled if needed. Large capability for rain runoff storage as well as 2 large natural springs within 2 miles of my house.
HEAT Propane stoves and also propane fireplace. Not a big issue in my area which rarely sees below freezing weather. Plenty of cold weather gear and a super insulated house will help.
PROTECTION Numerous large caliber firearms as well as Mossberg 500 12 ga. shorten to 18 1/8" plus large stores of ammo (several 1000 rounds for each weapon), 180lb. crossbow with ample supply of bolts and razor tips, 22 cal. semi-auto rifle, 177 cal. pellet/BB air rifle, 3 or 4 Wrist Rocket slingshots with lots of ammo. Good battery power perimeter alarm system since a guy has to sleep sometimes.
MISC large collection of hand tool, drills, saws, planes, etc. Good stores of hardware, nails, screws, wire, etc. machettes, survival knifes, hand flour grinder, several campfire coffee percolators (I'm not worth a crap without my morning coffee!), good stock of garden tools, wheelbarrows, axes, sledge hammers, hatchets, tarps and 4 live traps from small to extra large.
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