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Food: garden, orchard and edible wild foods books and a college class on same years ago, Rabbits and chickens.
energy: 700 watts of PV charging batteries with 272 watts more to be installed.
cooking: propane camping stove and oven or wood grill or wood heating stove or hot dog sticks over an open fire.
water: 2400 watt inverter and 240V transformer to run well. 4 barrels of water back-up as well as a Berkey filter system
refrigeration: 12V refrigerator and 120V freezer on inverter system
Heat: mostly we use wood and have about 3 years supply of cord wood as well as 1 years supply of eco-bricks
misc: tools, guns, ammo, skills to fix stuff, wire stuff, butcher animals and grow more food.
home made LED lighting systems that run off of 12V
4kW generator if there is any fuel
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