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This is just the beginning. We have big plans for more deals, giveaways and other shenanigans in the near future. First up--April 1 we're drawing names for some free Mountain House food. One lucky "liker" from our Facebook page will get their choice of a full six-can case of one variety of Mountain House cans--30 year shelf life (value up to $400).

To be entered in the random drawing, all you have to do is Like us:

Further--if we get to 1500 likes by April 1, we will additionally draw five more names from our Facebook fans, each for a Mountain House Best Seller kit. So be sure to share the link to our page with your friends to help us pump up that number.

Speaking of Mountain House food--just a reminder that we match any MH dealer's sales price. That means, you get the sale price (remember, we are only allowed three two-week sales a year so when we can match others' sale prices, you're in like Flynn!), free shipping, AND our very exceptional Royalty Member Rewards for your qualifying purchase: !!

Finally, this is the last few days for the sale on those excellent Lindon Farms buckets that are normally bargain priced at Safecastle to begin with: Not sure if we're going to be able to run a sale like this again, as we've taken some sniper-fire from the manufacturer who is hearing it from other dealers.

We're not cheating, but I guess we've read our dealer agreements a bit differently than what they are intended to mean.

So don't miss this chance ... thru March 7 only, we are offering a coupon code you can use to knock an ADDITIONAL 15% off your member or non-member price!!

Log-in to our store, add your selected Lindon Farms™ food package to your cart, enter this coupon code to the coupon field:

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