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LFI’s Survival Fishing Kit (Part I)

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In tough times there is a pretty high possibility that one may find themselves having to scrounge for food to eat. You can squirrel away a lot of preps but sooner or later your going to have to do something a little more sustainable. Fishing often tops the list for those that find themselves in such a situation.
Since I live on a shore front lot to a large North Texas lake, this was an obvious choice for me when it comes to adding a little protein to the dinner table. As such I set about putting together a Survival Fishing Kit to make sure that I have all of the items I would need. Many will just use a small tin or pouch and throw a few hooks, weights and a little line in it and call it good. But I wanted something a little more extensive, I also wanted something that would last me for an extended period of time. That reason became a requirement for me because in a long term SHTF situation I may not be able to replenish my supplies and if I am able to replenish them it may be prohibitively expensive to do so.

So here is a little something tackle only I came up with and put together. Its primarily oriented towards targeting Bluegill, Crappie, Sand Bass, Catfish and possibly even Large Mouth Bass which are quiet common here.

Tackle Bag

Sports equipment Luggage and bags Bag Sleeve Gas

I needed something to put all my gear in. So while cruising Bass Pro Shop on the way to work one day I found this sweet little set up. It's a Bass Pro Shops Extreme Finesse Binder. It measures 7"x 6" x3".

On the front flap inside I put a small LED Light that will attach to a ball cap, a Nylon Stringer and a Multi-Tool. The back side flap has a 4 pack of clip on bells to clip on the end of your rod to signal when you have a fish on allowing you to do other things as long as you remain in ear shot. These are great for night time Catfishing.

Slip 1

Automotive lighting Fluid Auto part Rectangle Electric blue

In this slip I placed all of the hooks I would be using to catch some bull Bluegill which are pretty thick in southern waters to the point of often over populating a body of water. I have hooks mainly in the #8 and #6 bronze Cricket style of hooks. Believe it or not, I have 127 hooks total in there!

Slip 2

Insect Amber Arthropod Gas Pest

In this slip I place some medium sized hooks. I chose #2 Gold Aberdeen style hooks. These are about perfect size and style wise for fishing "a minnow under a bobber" or "Tight Lining" for Crappie or Sandbass. While they are a bit light they will also take Large Mouth Bass or smaller Catfish using the same technique too. There is 150 hooks in this slip!

Slip 3

Font Cable Electronic device Auto part Plastic

This slip has Circle Hooks in it. I have 36 in 3/0 size. 3/0 size is just about right for nose hooking a 3-4 inch Shad baitfish which is the bait of choice here on Texas lakes for most species of Catfish. This works well on eating size Catfish in the 1-8 lbs range. I also included a 12 pack of 5/0 Circle Hooks as well. These work well for nose hooking larger shad up to about 10 inches or Bluegill up to about 5 inches if the Catfish are running over about 8 lbs.

Slip 4

Black Toy Material property Red Font

Slip 4 contians small #7 Barrel Swivels and will mainly be used for lighter applications. I only have a single pack of 12 but I will be adding about 3-4 more of these in the near future.
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Slip 5

Material property Font Metal Auto part Fashion accessory

Slip 5 contains #3 Barrel Swivels in both Brass and Black plated and will be used for heavier applications. I have 2 packs of 36 which should be suffcient for a good while even under daily use.

Slip 6

Product Font Plastic Transparency Packaging and labeling

Slip 6 contains 4 packs of 15 Bobber Stops to allow for the use of a slip bobber which I feel for a number of reasons are much superior to the spring loaded clip on Bobbers. They are also far better than any thing someone will be able to whip up while in the "Outback". To be honest instead of buying them I probably could have just got a spool of fine twine and a pack or two of cheap beads from the craft section of the store and did just fine.

Slip 7

Medicine Medical Pharmaceutical drug Pill Capsule

Slip 7 contains small and medium small Slip Bobbers. These work best for targeting smaller fish such as bull Bluegills, Shell Crakers and other such small fish. I have 5 total but will likely be adding 6 quality Balsa ones shortly.

Slip 8

Office equipment Font Material property Capsule Medical

Slip 8 contians medium sized Bobbers which will work very well for targeting Crappie, Sand Bass or small Catfish and LMB. It wouldn't hurt to add a couple more to the collection a little later down the road if space permits.

Slip 9

Font Metal Rectangle Transparency Food

Slip 9 contains all of my small lead split shot for use with the 3 sizes of Bobbers I have. There are 96 of them in that slip which should be suffcient for a hard years worth of fishing.
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Slip 10

Material property Font Magenta Plastic Box

Slip 10 contains mix of ¾ oz, 1 oz and 1 ½ oz egg sinkers numbering about a dozen. These will mainly be used when targeting catfish and I find that I don't go through too many in this size so I think I am adequately covered here.

Slip 11

Glass Service Font Automotive lighting Metal

Slip 11 contains about a dozen heavier 2 ounce lead bank sinkers that I often use for Catfishing usually from the bottom or with larger baits. I will probably add about a half dozen more to this.

Oh and what was the cost of all this? It came in at about 65.00 fun dollars for the whole thing. Sounds a bit steep but you got to consider I set this thing up to hopefully get me through a year of daily fishing needs if required. I think it can do this.
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Fringe, this is an excellent post, and thank you very much for sharing.

The idea of a tackle bag is one that I am taking to heart, and I am going to switch to it from the box. The box is OK if things are all normal, but when fishing goes from recreational to survival, the bag will make for easier travel, I am sure.
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Nice tackle, I have a similar setup,I would add some styofoam inline floats like the Lindy rig uses, and you should be able to catch most panfish out there.
I seriously edited a lot of the details about this kit and the why's to a lot of the selections. For you I will elaborate a bit on the tackle Bag concept.

First I am a Kayak Fisherman. I need a very compact simple to use very organized fishing tackle system. I dont have a lot of room on a Kayak and a lot of my fishing is at dark thirty or later. I have played around with every thing you can think of and this system has by far been the best hands down. If there is something better I have not yet found it!

The real beauty of this system is just how compact it is and the mind blowing amount of tackle I can fit into them with ease! I have one about 2/3 this size that has well over 300 Crappie Jigs in it. Actually it might even be half the size of the one pictured above. They are really truely amazing beyond words. All I can say is try one out!

In addition to the Crappie Jig Bag...I have a few others. I have one about the size of the one pictured above that holds all of my ultra light and standard sized tackle such as crank Baits, Spinner Baits, Chatter Baits, Top Water baits, Slash Baits etc. I have another Bag that holds all of my plastic tails and Road Runner Jigs that I use for general fishing for pan fish. I have another one thats about the size of a 2 inch binder that holds just about every Soft Plastic Bait I will ever use as well as the associated hooks, weights etc that I need to Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Drop Shot Rig, Wackey Rig or Finesse Rig them as well. This keeps my tackle system well organized and modular so I can just grab what ever bag I need jump in the Kayak and go kill 'em! There are no "Aw Crap, I forgot to bring my Worm Hooks" after getting to your honey hole moments ever! They just make fishing way easy and aint nearly as bulky as a dozen Plano Tackle Boxes. I mean you see how much I got in that one 7x6x3 bag, right?

Try it out I think you will find that you like it quiet a bit.

Now for some suggestions.

1. When you buy your binder buy one that they have replacement slips for on hand already.

2. While the slips are considerably heavier duty than freezer zip lock bags, they do get beat up eventually, but they do last well! Buy a couple of packs of replacement slips right then and there!!! I really think its a marketing technique that the manufacture and the retailer use to make you buy a new binder everytime you need replacement slips! You have a couple of slips get beat up and you think Oh I will just go buy more. You get to the store and they dont have the replacements or ones that are suitable substitutes. So buy plenty of slips when you get your binder, trust me on this one. I swear its a communist plot against fishermen!

3. I do lots of different styles of fishing or target specific species when I go out. So I got my bags in different colors or sizes so that I can immediately ID them in a matter of seconds and grab the bag I need and go knowing I will have everything I need at my finger tips. No paddling a couple of miles away only to discover I got the wrong medium sized blue bag. Know what I mean Bro'?

4. If they get problem. Just when you get back to the beach, unzip them and take all the slips with tackle out and dry them off and leave them out to air dry even more while the nylon binder dries. Dont toss a wet binder in the trunk of your car with slips and tackle still in it. It will kinda screw the slips up.

5. If it gets dirty, no problem. Take the slips out and set aside along with the two split rigs on the binder. Toss it in the washer with some detergent and wallah! It will look brand spanking new. Put the two rings back in and reinstall the slips. I put mine through living hell and I have some that are about 5 years old that still look ever so "slightly used".

Just a few suggestions...
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I see you have more than one now.
I see you have more than one now.
I have just this one small bag for my survival fishing gear only. Its a little more thicker than the other bags I have. Its strictly for catching some dinner when things are tough. It aint for sporting purposes, its strictly business! I need this to be something that would serve me well on a creek bank, river bank, lake bank or in my Kayak or boat. It needed to be something simple and basic.

Those other bags are species or fishing tactic specific bags i grab instead of lugging around a huge and nearly useless heavy conventional tackle box. For instance...some times I have just 30 minutes of so to happy jack around and on a whim will want to wet a line. I have a bag I grab and do a little perch jerking or snag a couple slab Crappie with. If the weather is great and I am in the mood to hone my skills or harass the local LMB population and "educate them" so its harder for the guy coming behind me later to dope them into biting I have a Soft Plastic Bag that I will go out and just hammer them with. I have a bag set up optimally for the situation at hand.

As I eluded to earlier, most of my fishing is done from a Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Kayak that has been modified considerably just for fishing. It has a anchor trolley system that allows me to anchor the kayak in what ever position I want to be in despite the wind direction. Its got a couple more adjustable rod holders than what came with it even though its an "Angler Edition". It has a 7 amp hour gel cell battery that powers a FF and auxillary lights. Its a fish killing machine for sure! It just didnt cost me 40K, have a live well for the catch or a 250hp Opti-Max outboard for power like a typical Bass Boat. When I am out and about fishing from it, I need a compact, well organized tackle. These bags do the job economically and do it in style. I have been using them for about 6 years now after going through just about every other imaginable storage concept on the market. I havent found anything that can top them for functional use.
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very nice fishing is very similar to mine. The only thing that I would suggest would be some sort of dehydrated bait. I have dehydrated, corn, peas to be used as bait one hydrated. Just an idea. Also, another good way to catch catfish is the fish is a link..

another good how to catch bait fish such as minnows with a 2 litre bottle of coke.....

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Havent over looked that aspect of it although its a good one to be pointing out for sure!

Dehydrated bait would definitely be a good one to have. I usually have a couple of jars of Berkleys Power Crawlers (you know the ones that with the "Crappie Bites") laying around close at hand. I keep at least 1 jar in my residence, at least another jar in the Kayak and I always have one in my truck since I am notorious for everytime I find another urban pond or a water hole tucked away in a out of the way spot, I always stop and give it a quick few minutes to see whats up with that spot. I have found them to be more convenient than worms, they look like worms and they dang sure illicit a bite from fish as quick as the real deal if not quicker. Since I keep Rabbits for the freezer, I always have worms available without fail!

I also have a pretty good compost pile going at the BOL. I usually take a good bucket or two of Rabbit Doo-Doo with worms included too, up there to contribute to the on going effort there as well.

I hear you on the traps too. I have a few one that I bought and several that I made from wire mesh. I often use them instead of my cast net to get me a good supply of bait the day before I plan on a fishing outing on my night off. Not only do they catch me plenty of bait for the trip out I almost always find a half dozen fillet size Bluegill/Crappie or an occasional 8-10 inch Bass or Catfish in it as well. Its amazing just how well they can work for you! It doesnt take much to put a good one together and they can work pretty stealthily for you while you work on other things as well.

I will be doing a thread talking about that sort of deal a little later hopefully. In Part I, I mainly wanted to concentrate on what I could use with a piece of Bamboo/Cane or Willow Branch you found near by or if you were lucky...the rod/reel you grabbed on your way out the door to the BOL. I realize I didnt include any "string" in my kit detailed above, but thats because I have a couple of Rods that are in my truck with my BOB, and at least a dozen more at my home. So no shortage of fishing implements here, lol!
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Thanks for the kudos FringeLunaticInc.....I also have a in my bug out kit in my car, a rubbermaid with a bag full of fishing stuff....12lb test, hooks, sinkers, and bobbers, some know...the basics...I do have my expensive stuff at my BOL, but this with a nice cane pole will serve the basics for me just in case!!...alot of people overlook fishing as a skill which is too bad as its the best way to put food on the table consistently!!
Dont forget your fishing License!

I'm going the route below....faster! LOL

Office supplies Font Writing implement Wood Stationery
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Being a former Weapons Tech in the military thats now retired, that pic is near and dear to my heart, LOL. While effective to be sure I am no so sure thats an "appropriate" technique, ha ha ha. It would be a lot of fun though! I know I would have more fun than the law would allow at any rate! There are very few problems in this world an adequate amount of High Explosives cant fix...
For me bugging out is the absolute last option when all else has failed. And if I do I've got gun racks in the side windows of my suv that make good rod racks to.
I'd rather stock, lock down and stay hidden at home.
View attachment 2832

But if things really get desperate I carry several hook sizes, lures, sinkers, & 50lb test spools of Spider Wire that can be tied to any cane pole / sturdy limb in my BOB.

Most important of all though.
Berkley® PowerBait® Micro Power Wigglers® | Bass Pro Shops
Cathes more pan fish and small bass quicker than anything else I've ever seen. Get the white ones.
Just came across this thread from a link in another fishing related thread and I'm glad I did. Man, LunaticFringeInc, great set up. I seen it mentioned already, but this has made me decide that when the weather breaks and I'm back on that creek bed, I'll be equipped with a tackle binder instead of a tackle box. Space wise, no better option. Loved the slips as they are much better than having jigs, bobbers, and hooks all getting mixed together if you accidentally drop the box or knock it over. Plus they look like they'd do a great job of making everything water resistant. The fact that you can take the slips and hardware off and wash the grit and grime off the binder in the washer is a huge plus(we all know the different kinds of "stuff" that gets on your belongings while out fishing) of course when SHTF probably won't have working washers and dryers which I'm sure that expands to washing the binder by hand haha. Good post man, thanks for the new toy on my wish list haha.
No worries, glad you like the idea and your motivated to get out and stretch some line. Gotta love it when you can combine recreation and relaxation with skill building all at one time, such is fishing!

Yeah those tackle bags are the shiznick and while they arent designed to hold treble hook lures they still do so fairly well and fairly durable. They are totally awesome for everything else though! I like the fact that I can put a Carabiner on it, clip it to my belt and head out to the fishing hole high speed - low drag for some serious fishing and have everything at my finger tips. And your right, if you drop it, you don't spend the next hour playing "52 Card Pick Up" getting your tackle box squared away again. Been there and done that more than I would like to remember.
A Trotline should be in everyone's survival Kit Plant Grass Rectangle Creative arts Flooring
allows you procure food while tending to other needs.
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all in all i agree with the praise for this fishing kit. but....
my shtf fishing gear in my bob is much much smaller. mostly you have to consider all the weight you carry around with that. i mean sure you can carry about a pound of lead weights when you go out for a nice day on the lake. but if you really have to move around a lot, every oz counts. so on the one hand you might miss the opportunity to apply some tactics you're used to, but on the other hand if you know what to to, you can catch a fish with just the line and a hook attached to it. hell once i even caught a trout with a piece of leftover spam from my hiking ration and some rusted bent hook and tangled line i found in my backpack from an earlier fishing trip. just saying, keep it simple to save on some weight for other really needed supplys like an extra knife or a fire making tool. because everyone who has ever lost a knife in the water while fishing, or getting wet, knows how much it sucks not being able to slaughter your catch or light a fire to cook or get dry
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Nice setup there LFI...and great thread too!

Now I have to rethink my whole setup. Your's is a lot more compact and organized than the cobbed together mess in my wife's bag. Guess I'm just gonna have to make a trip to Bass Pro now... The things I do for her!
Cant tell you how much I like these soft tackle bags. They are the shiznick for carrying a gang of gear is a compact package and keeping it organized and making the most of every cubic inch of space. Being a Kayak Fisherman and one who mainly fishes at night, these qualities are mandatory for your gear. But I think it translates over to your BOB or BOV too as well. For me in my situation, collecting much of my protein will involve fishing, especially at first, and that fishing will pretty much be done with a Kayak. As such I went with whats proven to work and this was the result.
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