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Level IIIa soft body armor giveaway

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I have a set of EnGarde soft level IIIa-plus body armor that I'm giving away on the 8th to promote my site now that I've moved to a server/host that can handle a lot more traffic than before.

You don't have to buy anything and don't have to worry about being spammed. I'm just looking for more likes on my facebook page and/or more people subscribing to my newsletter. Doing both gets you two chances to win.

ITAR requirements mean it has to be U.S. only this time. You'll need to make sure your local laws allow you to receive and own body armor before I can send it to you if you win.

Graywolf Survival Level IIIa EnGarde body armor giveaway
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Thanks Inor

I always feel a bit guilty posting things to my own site. I appreciate you chiming in. I hope you entered if you're allowed to in your area.
Thanks Deebo. I try to keep the facebook page purely survival- and prepper-related stuff. I'm a bit more open with my facebook profile page.
lol. I'm a bit more outspoken on that outlet than the graywolf survival page. Feel free to chime in anytime.

no problem here with the cold beverage. I like vodka even when I'm deployed. I'm enjoying a dirty martini right now as a matter of fact. Guinness is also a constant companion.
Thanks driver. I'm using the elven40 theme with Genesis and a few php edits of my own.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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