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Level IIIA body armor

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I have some police style body armor I'd like to sell. Anyone interested? Level 3A.
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Who made the panels?
What is the expiration date on them?
Is there a trauma plate and what type and size if present?
What size vest are they?
Male or female?
Carrier color, blue or white?
Unless i missed it you left these details out.
multiple sizes. Blue. No trauma pads. And they stop bullets as i indicated earlier. Expiration date? Well they still stop bullets and i'm selling for cheap.
Every panel has an expiration date on it.
I know, I have been issued everyone of the levels from 2-4.
I was the federal grant writer for them for my department.
I still have all mine including the expired ones, they all are registered in my name under the federal grants they were paid for with.
They started dating them for liability reasons about 25-30 years ago after a second chance vest failed.
They still work after an expiry date, but there is degradation that is ongoing and the scale is based on many factors.

I personally will not use a soft vest without a steel or titanium trauma plate, all my softs do have them.

OTHERS can look at my QUESTIONS and your ANSWERS, and make up their OWN minds.
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No just do not be a target , nor carry 80 lbs of crap, that pistols give some protection for.

Nazis wearing that crap will be dead anyway as they don't stop good 30 cal, head, nuts or chest.

If you are talking state of the art ceramic plates, 30 cal AP defeats it.
MY favorite round, CAL 30AP-M2.
Looks like mr odd78 went the way of the golden camel.
Could not kevlar up to the task.
Must have been more of a camel toe(no offense to any camels).
You need some black tips for sure. Mix a mag with blue tips.
Have plenty of en block's loaded with black and red/silver.
The blue I have is in .303 Brit. Italian made.
Red is just tracer. Black is carbide and blue phosphorous. Mix and match black/blue for vehicles.

Brit is too big to reload into a 30 cal. Black 06 heads are available.
US CAL. 30 M2;
red/orang= tracer
black- tungsten carbide AP
silver nose with red band- APTI
8 round en blocks get either ball and some with tracer to bring directed fires on target plus AP.
belt gun, 1 AP, 1tracer, 3 ball or 1 APTI 4 BALL

303 BRIT;
The blue is HE. aircraft ammo, me to use in NO4MK2 Enfield's along with MK-7.

I don't reload anymore.
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