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Let's Talk Canning!

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There is a lot out there about laying back soup mix, dried beans and rice, emergency food packs, and MRE's. These portable emergency rations are important for preppers who are planning to bug out. But there are other options too. plenty of folks are buying canned vegetables as a critical part of their preps. But how many of you using traditional canning techniques?

I would like to know how people are preserving the vegetables they are growing themselves and how this affects their preps.

The reason this has come up is because my thinks I am absolutely crazy for thinking about prepping, but she loves her garden and she loves canning her veggies. So she is engaging in a hobby that makes her happy, saves the family money, AND contributes to our preps. That's what I call a win-win!

She has been doing this for several years and we have eaten through what she put back every year. This spring I doubled the size of her garden plot and she has broken her own records this year. She has put back more than 50 quarts of green beans and dozens of pints of pickled peppers and spicy jelly.
People say that home canned foods won't last as long as store bought.
Betcha they will!

Let's talk about it!
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Watch the documentary "After Armageddon". Its on youtube, but you can download it as well. I think it was made by the history channel. Crazy? Not after you watch that.

Canning...I need to find more things we like that we can can. We currently just do pickles
Just for the record, . . . there really is very little that cannot be canned and preserved. Some items take more preparation, . . . some are finnicky, . . . but if you get good directions (think Ball Canning Book type directions), . . . you will do well.

Take your time, . . . don't do shortcuts, . . . if you can cook it, . . . you can can it, . . . about 99% of the time.

May God bless,
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