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Do you research endlessly about the collapse of the dollar?
Are you preparing with a sound mind for such an event?
Are you at a point of your life where you finally want to share what you know with those actually want to listen?

Well, welcome to Post-Dollar.
Hi, I'm Evan Wilder and I work with E.Wil Entertainment. What we are is simple: an animation entertainment production company that produces high-quality animation. One of our projects that we are working on right this moment is a RPG machinima satire-drama called Post-Dollar which is obviously about the worldwide currency collapse in 2016.

What's a RPG? It's a role-playing game.
What's a machinima? It's like you watching a TV show but it's a video game.

You and I both know what the world will look like during a financial collapse and possibly the opportunities that come along after that.
If you are looking to contribute to helping others out there who are willing to listen to you about the financial collapse, then we want you to be our consultant.

As our consultant, you will:
• Participate in online meetings with our creative team of creative writers and our creative director on how the series in general will be directed towards.
• Share any input you have in regards to the creation of Post-Dollar's storyline for the first season storyline. Yes, let loose with your conspiracies and even your references to anything related to the economy.

We're looking for a consultant who is:
• A Sound-Minded Prepper or Expat (both is actually better)
• Invests into Precious Metals
• Is Able To Joke Around (We're Making A Satire)
• Does A History Check on How Money Works Every Now and Then
• Doesn't Feel That He or She Knows Everything

Share the world with what you know.
Come on in and find out more about us.
We can be contacted:
PHONE: (313) 587-0330
E-MAIL: [email protected]
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