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621 Total Servings of Lentils Emergency Food Bucket By Shelf Reliance® THRIVE?

They were gone for a while, but they are back. At $75 a bucket its still only .13 cents a serving (though a serving probably needs to be doubled) this
to me is one of the "best buys" in preparedness.

If I only had a $130 to spend the lentils and the white rice would be great long term fillers to go with what ever you can harvest/shoot/trap
380 Total Servings White Rice 42 lb. Bucket Emergency Food Storage By Shelf Reliance® THRIVE?
Still looks a little pricey, you are paying extra for the bucket, if you don't need the air seal, you could pay far less unless you want the long shelf life.

50 cents a pound is around what I am use to paying, and this is like $1.50/pound. The benefit is the 25 year life span, I don't really plan for long term storage much nothing much over 3 years, as anything that has me needing emergency food for more than 3 years is pretty damn serious. spending $10 on 10kg of lentils should do me for a few months. These seem a little expensive I think you could DIY for less here simply by buying the lentils and a airtight bucket to put them in.. still not bad but I'm thinking it could be done for less.

Same for the rice a 8kg bag of rice should cost less than $10 so 42 lbs is like less than $30.. something not right with those prices.

prices for these products are like atleast 2x what you can get the product for.. any extra price is for the container imo.
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