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Leave On Foot (LOF) Survival Backpack List/Video

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Greetings everyone,

I have made a detailed two part video for my "Leave On Foot" survival backpack. The video is a tutorial explaining the pack, why the items can be useful for survival, weight considerations, packing up and other discussion.

This is an emergency bag designed to have enough survival essentials that if you had to leave on foot in a serious long term emergency you could potentially survive for an indefinite period of time.

I feel like we are in for some serious chaos coming soon and whatever it is; economic collapse, war, earth changes, I recommend everyone have a good emergency bag.

There are emergencies that can disable the roads (earthquake/roadblocks) so you may not be able to travel by vehicle. If push comes to shove you may be forced to even leave on foot from your Bug Out location.

That's where having a good pack with survival essentials you can leave with I think is an important addition to your preparations.

A lot of you probably have something similar. I called it the Leave On Foot backpack because I felt it was a bit different than most Bug Out Bags (not all) because it is designed to help you survive an unknown period of time.

Thanks for your consideration.

I can't post links yet but it's on my channel godlord21 on youtube. It's a two part video.

Kind Regards,
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Hey bro, I can't say too much are concerned down here. Few young people are, seen some vids on youtube etc. that are interested in survival. Most people I know are cool with most things, working a job and think things will go on forever. Someone I know when I speak to about these things says "Oh good thing we're not in the US" when I talk about the Gov moves, Nuclear plants etc. But I believe everywhere is going to be effected (the least of which is by global economic failure).
The situation, as it is, is only temporary. What's coming will leave no country untouched, no population unscathed.
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