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Learning languages for shtf ?

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What do you guys think about learning a new language as a prepping strategy ? Do you think its an asset? Do you view prepping as multi -dimensional or are you more gear-centric?
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Out of curiosity, the USA does not have an official second language does it?

Everything - and I mean everything up here in Canada (even out here in the West) has both French and English instructions on every single product we produce for Canadians.

It's the law.

Every student in grade nine is forced to take French, and out of three sons, one went to a French Immersion for his entire schooling and is fluent in French. My other two sons were not interested in learning French, and so are not versed in it.

Learning the language does help in the here and now with Gov. jobs up here, but I do not know how relative it would be when the SHTF - cause I have no plans to visit Quebec when that happens.

This is for Chipper above.

You can learn this French saying - "les mains en l'air" which translates into "Hands Up"
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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