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Learning languages for shtf ?

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What do you guys think about learning a new language as a prepping strategy ? Do you think its an asset? Do you view prepping as multi -dimensional or are you more gear-centric?
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I tend to the theory that your survival and prosperity, if possible, are more related to your skills and mindset than the amount of gear you have. The ammo will, eventually run out, as will the stored food. You should have the skills to grow more, hunt without ammo, etc.

I did take a foreign language -Spanish, didn't think french would help me all that much in the US. No, it hasn't made me any money, but it does help when you need to communicate. I work in construction and oh-10-25% of the workers speak no English, or very little anyway.

When people don't know what you're saying you tend to -criticize or say something you might not otherwise say. I was at a family party and there were some of the farm workers there talking, my kids' friend asked me if I spoke Spanish and I said "un poco" ( a little). It got real quiet after that.

So, yes I think it's a valuable skill, it makes people feel a little at ease if they don't speak English. Conjugating verbs-past present tense is hard. Try starting with some important nouns.
bathroom-el bano (el banyo), stuff like that.
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