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Learning from CO

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So in watching the news coverage of a natural disaster in a state thousands of miles away, the thought occurred to me that we should be looking for lessons from all the flooding.

What went right?

What went wrong?

How can we better prepare for similar disasters closer to home?

Insight from Coloradans would be especially helpful.

Anybody have any thoughts?
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Not from Colorado, But only about 40 minutes south, and at my work, we had some serious runoff. We are situated 30 feet below a highway, and in direct line to the Animas River. Its probably five hundred yards from my site. Lots of mudslicks, lost water pressure for 3 days, and some roads and bridges beaten and damaged, heard someone say yesterday that San Juan County has about 1 million dollars in Damages, But this was just a sprinkling compared to some of the videos I watched about Colorado. Tragic, to say the least. As far as affecting my reaction, to bug out or in, still depends on the whereabouts whenever it does "go bad". Home, here, is small, fortified, well above waterline, but possible foolding would stop electricity and water. i have a small geni, could recharge freezer if need be, everything else would be cooked quickly..Water would be an issue, but I have capability, just not capacity.
If In Alb. at her house, flooding definately a threat, not fortified enough, and i dont carry the geni back and forth..Would prob quickly get out and head to my house..Bug in would only be for "panic and Kaos in the street".
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