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Latest Addition To My Bug In Kit

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Due to the "Snowpocalypse 2015" that hit Northwest Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma, I was forced to make a new purchase. A Home Depot Special- True Temper Snow Shovel. With an Aluminum frame and head and with the Home Depot Orange handle (had to pay extra for that). Works great for clearing off the back deck, fire pit area, and the front porch so the Fed Ex guy can deliver all the random stuff I buy on EBay once the snow subsides and they start delivering again. I give it 5 and a half stars.

I'm now going to go back to drinking beers, adding layers to not freeze to death, and trying to convince the wife that another solar panel array for the well/house is money well spent for the redundancy factor

Happy New Year's guys.

P.S.- I got a new trigger group for the Bushmaster and a Tauras Judge Public Defender for Christmas, so I'll be posting some reviews in the next week or so.

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Nice shovel but I was drawn to the FIRE!

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