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LAPD news conference live

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About the former cop on the run
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When Mrs. Giffords was shot it took the media about 30 minutes to try and pin it on Palin and her "targets" on a map,
then Hannity and Rush etc etc. Once they realized the man was deranged much of that went away. It was sickening,
and here we have an ex cop, killing 3 people, on the run, and an 11,000 word manifesto on how evil the NRA is,
great barack is, how great hillary is, wonderful wolfe blitzer, piers morgan and anderson cooper are - where is that
in this presentation? No where except the blogospher and the leftists there will decry for you saying it.
The lame stream media is putting the focus on LAPD because they want to ignore the love fest the shooter has illustrated for them.
You know the whole traffic ticket thing, when I was in college and worked FT as a patrol officer the chief asked me to do some stats and we were running about a 100 accidents a year in town. He decided to buy a radar gun, teach us all how to use it, and start writing a bunch of tickets. No there wasn't a quota - just a go get em kind of command. The next three years the town grew by almost 40% in size and accidents dropped to 70 per year - just proved to me that enforcement of traffic laws had another positive impact - fewer accidents. But yeah people were pissed off.

Once again you're painting the whole organization by the actions of one. Everyone has a story about how they fought the law and the story is always one sided. Cops like people make mistakes and when you have to enforce over 6 millions laws, mistakes happen. I have noticed that states are issuing traffic tickets at an alarming rate because just about every state is broke. I don't say it's right. Take the time to talk to your local law enforcement and take the time to put yourself in their shoes and I think you can find common ground. You have every right to challenge a ticket in a court of law trust me it is as much of a pain in the ass for the cop as it is for you.
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1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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