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LAPD news conference live

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About the former cop on the run
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I'm just glad that the guy is black so Obama can't say shit!
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Watch them try to use this to strip former LEOs and Military veterans of their gun rights. The "they're suffering from PTSD, or other issues, and with their high level of training, can no longer be trusted with weapons" argument might get a few backers with this as an example.
The media is really stretching this one because first the guy was dismissed from the navy as a lieutenant. When I sit on hiring boards and I hear a guy left the military as a lieutenant, it is a red flag for me because I have to ask why I guy would leave the military at the beginning of their career. Most of the time they were dismissed because of lack of character or some other deficiency. Next calling this guy LAPD is a stretch because he didn't make it through probation for lack of candor. He hasn't had any specialized training and is by his own admittance, an Obama supporting, Anti-gun Feinstein supporting liberal nut case.
You may be confused. A lieutenant in the Navy is the same as a Captain in the Army. Therefore,he may have been in for 10 years
Your right, my bad! He was a reservist for 10 years.
Yeah, that is what is being said! There is no - Line of Silence - of any color. What a silly thing to say. Cops are a very dedicated and hard-working group of people, trying to provide a difficult service under difficult circumstances that are only negatively compounded by mindless and reckless commentary from those who are wholly unqualified to express an opinion. Just like with everyone else sometimes individuals make mistakes, and because their business is often life and death, those rare mistakes are sometimes tragic. It does not happen often, though. Accountants, plumbers, mechanics, salesmen, etc. make mistakes too but they don't operate in an environment where everyone else in another occupation is an expert on how the job should be done and their decisions rarely involve deadly force issues.

If you are not capable of recognizing that a seriously disturbed criminal might make outrageous claims, I certainly am not interested in your evaluation of the quality and competence of LEO's in the U.S. The bad guy never even completed probation as a police officer. He was/is clearly as much a law enforcement expert as some of you on this forum who have elected to express uninformed, unintelligent, and ridiculous opinions.
Very good points and it's true that bad people do slip through the cracks. Once a person is hired, especially in the federal law enforcement it can be very difficult to get rid of them. Remember a law enforcement officer has seconds to make a decision that everyone else gets to armchair quarterback as long as they want.
And noones saying there arent honest good LEO's out there. Were worried about the bad ones though. Could the good ones please break that Blue Line of Silence and then we might be able to move on from this. Like the creepy guys manifesto said.
Blue line of silence is really a creation of Hollywood. There are laws in place that if a law enforcement officer or agent does not speak, he is held to same punishment. Google nonfeasance, malfeasance, and misfeasance.
That is crap. Laws mean little these days,especially for any gov worker
There are many federal workers sitting in federal prison that would argue that point. There whole agencies that do nothing but investigate federal/state agencies for illegal activity and anyone that knew but didn't say anything is held accountable. It is hard to fire federal employees because of the unions but that is changing.
I have a problem with all the trigger happy ones. 2 women were shot . 9 civilians were shot in NYC by careless cops. This crap often happens
I agree that this does happen too much but remember mistakes happen and these always take center stage on the evening news. It seems to happen all the time but it's actually very rare. Also do you know that if the NYPD was to become a military force that it would be the fifth largest in the world! That is a lot of people and the same goes with the LAPD. Imagine the logistics!
I'm quite familiar with NYC. Those cops trample on the rights of people every hour. Those aren't "mistakes". Normal people are afraid to even speak to them,and try to stay away. The cops there are not respected,they are feared
I can't speak for the NYPD because I have never been there. I do agree that the people truly responsible don't get charged. I think Obama, holder, and everyone responsible for Fast and Furious should be tried and hung!
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Wow, you all can only see the negative and no positive, too bad
The positive things need no work. . I think focus should be on the negative aspects of out lives.
Sure,I remember the nice things done in "Car 54",but that car is in a landfill
I couldn't disagree more. Positive things should be focused on because it sets the bar for the rest. The negative should be dealt with at the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately I'm sure that you can't see the positive in your local law enforcement.
Very little positive to see in our justice system anymore.
Now in order to pander to the PC crowd LA is reopening the investigation. Setting the stage for copy cat shooting to follow. Works for Obama more fooder for gun taking. I can hear it now we must protect LEO's.
It will be found yes mistakes were made, all the white police officer are racist . We will endeavor to made our officers see there inherent racism, we will put more money in the community, we will hire more qualified protected classes of people . We seen this before. Truth ever told, he was only hired because of his race he was never qualified or right for the job to begin with.
You can bet his officer evaluation will be generic . They never put the truth in writing with a protected class. If you doubt me I give you Fort Hood. They are rules weather it be enlisted or officers you need to be real careful what you put in writing. He is an example.
By the time this is over he will be a hero.
LAPD to re-open investigation into fugitive ex-cop's firing | Fox News
You're absolutely right that the hiring practices of government state /federal agencies are biased and politically motivated. I'm sure they are going to look into how this nut job was hired because they are liable. I wasn't hired by a few agencies when I graduated college because I was just another white male or I didn't fit into their community based social worker type that they were looking for.
Of course I can see the positive. Jeez,I've been around a while. But,IN that while,I have seen LEO's get a little too arrogant,disrespectful and over-reaching.
And now they are aggressive in issuing citations to fill the coffers. Haven't you seen that?
Last year while in my boat fishing I got a ticket for having no flares on board. It seemed odd to me,so I researched & found that flares are NOT required
between sunup & sundown. I got the ticket at around NOON! After 3 court appearances the charge was dropped. The fine plus state surcharge would have been $130.
How could the marine cop not know? How many people just pay fines via the mail,especially out-of-staters?
Focus on positives? But,that part is the job!!! We need to make sure ALL gov workers DO their job legally and correctly
Oh,the judge said he'd make sure the officer brushed up on the marine laws,so maybe I helped others,too
Once again you're painting the whole organization by the actions of one. Everyone has a story about how they fought the law and the story is always one sided. Cops like people make mistakes and when you have to enforce over 6 millions laws, mistakes happen. I have noticed that states are issuing traffic tickets at an alarming rate because just about every state is broke. I don't say it's right. Take the time to talk to your local law enforcement and take the time to put yourself in their shoes and I think you can find common ground. You have every right to challenge a ticket in a court of law trust me it is as much of a pain in the ass for the cop as it is for you.
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The lame stream media is putting the focus on LAPD because they want to ignore the love fest the shooter has illustrated for them.
Their going to "investigate" this murders case with the LAPD that got him fired and throw it right back on the the white man by playing the race card.
You know the whole traffic ticket thing, when I was in college and worked FT as a patrol officer the chief asked me to do some stats and we were running about a 100 accidents a year in town. He decided to buy a radar gun, teach us all how to use it, and start writing a bunch of tickets. No there wasn't a quota - just a go get em kind of command. The next three years the town grew by almost 40% in size and accidents dropped to 70 per year - just proved to me that enforcement of traffic laws had another positive impact - fewer accidents. But yeah people were pissed off.
That's the first time I think I have seen an actual statistic showing the positive in ticket writing, very cool. Here in New Mexico it seems the whole state is a speed trap with zero tolerance on speeding and reduced speed zones in the middle of nowhere, it's easy to forget that there is a positive to tickets.
WRONG,the cop never came,because it didn't go to trial. AND the burden of proof fell on me--I had to write the DA and show just cause for dismissal. The judge was too friggin lazy to consult the lawbooks.
Gimme,gimme the money. We are cash cows to them. What is one-sided? The law is very clearly written. Many traffic tickets are entrapment these days,like the double fine work zones that go for MILES with not a soul working. People get frustrated after 5-10 miles and speed up again. WHAM--ticket time. How about all the arrests for taking photos of incidents? C.mon,man,are you a cop?
No I'm not a cop per say I'm a federal agent. I agree with you on the tickets and I get them too especially here in New Mexico where I think they perfected the speed trap. We have zero tolerance days, double fines, and the dreaded safety zone. I do believe it is getting out of control. When I first got here and I had out of state plates and I got pulled over 3 times in a week, after getting New Mexico plates, not once. It seems New York is just a messed up place to live. I do not have a problem with the local police and understand they have a job to do but I will not allow illegal behavior and will take it to court if I have to. I haven't because I was speeding and deserved the ticket. :) I don't like the photo enforcement Probably because it works so well.
Focus on the positive , that is one of the tools they use to hang us. While we sit around focusing on some kind LEO buying a homeless man boots. They again blame us for him being homeless.
then they hide the story he took the boots off because they would kill him for them. Smoke and mirrors
They promised free health care even though they never really said it was free. They knew they could never pay for it when the passed Obama care so the next move will be a take over of the entire health care system. But they will blame the evil health care companies and claim they force us to do it.
Look at current gun control efforts we are being forced by the American people to act. But they leave out how they have failed to enforce current law for years creating a lot of the problems so they could create a cure then claim we begged them to do it.
Show me any major city I can not go out and buy drugs in. The police know who is doing it time of day every detail but yet they allow it. Ask your self why? When I reported dealers trying to move into a bar I owned the police investigated me. Then fine me, it had to be my fault they were coming there. In others words shut about it.
I can show you a street right now in Milwaukee, underage girls being pimped on the street LEO will do nothing. This is the world we have allowed .
Be positive I am Positive it has got to change.
Now for the thing on tickets, go to court in Milwaukee for traffic, disturbing the peace ect. You are hand a sheet with all the violation listed, no DA takes with you just a sheet. It list all the violation and next to it is a plea bargain . You pay fine list with in 60 days they bargain it down speeding becomes a littering ticket, Assault become you guessed littering.
Carrying a Concealed weapon with out a permit ...littering . This is our justice system.
So if your positive the government wins :)
You are correct, all LEO's are just doing their job.

These ladies had the audacity to toss a cigarette butt out the window. I can't believe that one was fired and the other was repremanded for this, they were just doing their job.

Texas state trooper caught on video searching women's private parts during traffic stop is suspended - NY Daily News

Then the parents of a 15 yr old girl got indignant just because a police officer had a run in with her. The injustice that was done to the LEO was a same.

Courthouse News Service

Then there was this teenager who got what he deserved no doubt. It's hard to believe the officer got in trouble over this.

Yup, ALL LEO's are good people, it's just that some are misunderstood.
Yes because the person in the video wasn't resisting arrest and the person filming wasn't antagonizing the officers. You're so right the police were soooo wrong. Me shaking my head saying what the **** is wrong with you. Oh my gosh they used bad language wow what a human rights violation! Yup you really got me with the word ALL inerceptor!
No the 2nd officer made threats which is different then using bad language. Let me try using that same language to a LEO and lets see what happens. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

And asking him to stop recording is another violation of the civilians civil rights.
It's not a civil rights violation to tell someone to stop recording if you're the person being recorded. If I marched you over against a wall and shot you in the head, that would be a human rights violation. The cop was out of line with the threats, but trivial at best considering the circumstances. I'm sure everyone else would handle themselves so better doing the same job. Unless you have been there it's hard to say what you would do or say. I'm sure looking at the content of Inceptors posts I'm sure he has a story, Probably involving drugs.

Your right, if you threaten a cop would not be a good move but I'm sure you wouldn't take it lightly if someone threatened you.
If I ask the police to stop recording they do not so Ill stand by first Amendment right to Free Speech and say it indeed does constitute a Civil Rights violation and is Unconstitutional to force a citizen not involved to stop recording.

I did not call it a Human Rights violation. Those fall outside the Laws of this Country.

I would not call those threats trivial as they were repeated multiple times and could have escalated the situation. Which is poor policing at best.
A police officer needs to take control of the situation and if it takes using language so be it. So you're saying that I can follow you around with a camera and film you no matter how much you complain and it's my right? It's different for me because I wearing a uniform? Oh I guess civil rights is for you only right? Your wrong
Stop standing up for this kind of behavior MG:

I never said that people shouldn't be armed or have firearms. My point is the video is not protected act and the videos are very one sided. There are millions of police officers in this country and you're trying to sway me with examples of few bad ones. Almost everyone of the officers shown especially in the vid with the guy with pepper spray were fired. The Police are not super human and may falter. I know I don't like being videoed and I'm sure you don't either.
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