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LAPD news conference live

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About the former cop on the run
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I will by no mean justify what this animal did. I read his ramblings.
A lot of what he wrote many of us already know , that there are lot of bad LEO out there . That does not justify what he did.
He went off the deep end then searched for a cause to justify his actions. He knew everything he wrote but did nothing until he need an excuse .
It don't work like that.
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Sadly the LEO I knew going up long ago disappeared . Today they are a Political operation they enforce what is PC demeaned by the DA and his party . They do not enforce law nor protect.
They carry out agenda. If the system worked many more them would be in jail. They do not arrest Gangsters they hold a negotiation with them on who they can kill and where they can steal or deal drugs.. They set boundaries ,they tell them deal all you want but no shooting keep it out of the news.
If a local LE COP tries to uphold the law the feds move in a punish them to no end.
In Madison WI 2 1/2 years ago the Police open the doors and windows of the capital building allowing protesters to break in at night, even with it on video the DA refused to eve look at it.
Madison police have beaten and punished anyone that goes against their liberal agenda for years, nothing is ever done. Once in awhile a small law suit is won if you can get to the right judge ,even then they don't care office is never punished as the law requires and the tax payers pay the money. Milwaukee COP after Flash Mob riots people robbed and injured, refuses to take police reports then says publicly stay at home and don't flaunt your whiteness and you be ok. To this day 4 of these in a row and no one in jail even with them on video tape. If you start your car in the cold and it is stolen you get the fine not the one that steals your car, why you tempted them it is your fault. Get car jacked your fault for driving a fancy car. All about PC now.
LEO, Superman, and the lone ranger have left the building your on your own.
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Very little positive to see in our justice system anymore.
Now in order to pander to the PC crowd LA is reopening the investigation. Setting the stage for copy cat shooting to follow. Works for Obama more fooder for gun taking. I can hear it now we must protect LEO's.
It will be found yes mistakes were made, all the white police officer are racist . We will endeavor to made our officers see there inherent racism, we will put more money in the community, we will hire more qualified protected classes of people . We seen this before. Truth ever told, he was only hired because of his race he was never qualified or right for the job to begin with.
You can bet his officer evaluation will be generic . They never put the truth in writing with a protected class. If you doubt me I give you Fort Hood. They are rules weather it be enlisted or officers you need to be real careful what you put in writing. He is an example.
By the time this is over he will be a hero.
LAPD to re-open investigation into fugitive ex-cop's firing | Fox News
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Focus on the positive , that is one of the tools they use to hang us. While we sit around focusing on some kind LEO buying a homeless man boots. They again blame us for him being homeless.
then they hide the story he took the boots off because they would kill him for them. Smoke and mirrors
They promised free health care even though they never really said it was free. They knew they could never pay for it when the passed Obama care so the next move will be a take over of the entire health care system. But they will blame the evil health care companies and claim they force us to do it.
Look at current gun control efforts we are being forced by the American people to act. But they leave out how they have failed to enforce current law for years creating a lot of the problems so they could create a cure then claim we begged them to do it.
Show me any major city I can not go out and buy drugs in. The police know who is doing it time of day every detail but yet they allow it. Ask your self why? When I reported dealers trying to move into a bar I owned the police investigated me. Then fine me, it had to be my fault they were coming there. In others words shut about it.
I can show you a street right now in Milwaukee, underage girls being pimped on the street LEO will do nothing. This is the world we have allowed .
Be positive I am Positive it has got to change.
Now for the thing on tickets, go to court in Milwaukee for traffic, disturbing the peace ect. You are hand a sheet with all the violation listed, no DA takes with you just a sheet. It list all the violation and next to it is a plea bargain . You pay fine list with in 60 days they bargain it down speeding becomes a littering ticket, Assault become you guessed littering.
Carrying a Concealed weapon with out a permit ...littering . This is our justice system.
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