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Lake house as a bug out location? opinions?

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OK, I have a cabin on Douglas Lake in east TN. Google it to get some pics to get the idea. It is crazy hard to find by road. Lots of little 2 lane winding roads thru the foothills of the mountains. Only old country folk with old houses and no major population as far as the road getting to the cabin. I could block it off and defend it no problem as it is really forested and secluded. It's off the beaten path. A dude from the projects ain't gonna walk'll leave it at that. What I am concerned with is the water access. Give me some thoughts on whether you would take your family there. I assume there will be people in boats hitting the homes on the lake scavenging. Keep in mind some houses are million dollar homes, but my little cabin, even though its on a point, is really covered by the trees. Is it worth defending the boaters to have access to the fish, etc. By the way I have a well there too. Great location but i worry about the water access. Any defense ideas? Am I wasting my time heading up there when it hits the fan? Opinions?
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I believe Tennessee is the Eastern American redoubt, it has enough lightly populated areas and the climate to survive when SHTF.

That being said if water is the obstacle that you will use to defend your domain, I can't think of anything better (You didn't say but it could be assumed you are on an island)

My only input is don't think the "fresh water lake" is a reliable source of drinking water. I know you didn't even mention that and I assume you have a well, or a really good filtration system, but anyone that lives next to an open source of water and thinks they have it figured out is fooling themselves.

To elaborate not only are you subject to the dead bodies piled into the source upstream, but you are also subject to radiation, or ash from a major volcano eruption, or biological warfare.

My suggestion is to have a well.
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