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Lake house as a bug out location? opinions?

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OK, I have a cabin on Douglas Lake in east TN. Google it to get some pics to get the idea. It is crazy hard to find by road. Lots of little 2 lane winding roads thru the foothills of the mountains. Only old country folk with old houses and no major population as far as the road getting to the cabin. I could block it off and defend it no problem as it is really forested and secluded. It's off the beaten path. A dude from the projects ain't gonna walk'll leave it at that. What I am concerned with is the water access. Give me some thoughts on whether you would take your family there. I assume there will be people in boats hitting the homes on the lake scavenging. Keep in mind some houses are million dollar homes, but my little cabin, even though its on a point, is really covered by the trees. Is it worth defending the boaters to have access to the fish, etc. By the way I have a well there too. Great location but i worry about the water access. Any defense ideas? Am I wasting my time heading up there when it hits the fan? Opinions?
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sparky is right, while I wouldn't take my off the lake for possible threats - your real threat are hoards of people looking for food, shelter and your preps. They are far more likely to make it through that forest then across that lake. And, as you noted, if they have a choice between million dollar mansions and your cabin - why bother?

You should look at a high power bolt action rifle - a death nail to anyone in a boat. Plus its an affordable option and works for forest security too.
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My thoughts are a little different and more from a strategic stand point. Water (especially fresh water) and Fish would become highly sought after and folks would set up around any available water source. This would be fine for the immediate few days to weeks, but ultimately I believe the location would become extremely populated with more and more pushing in attempting to get to the Food and the Water...and they aren't going to move on. At first I think it would be as simple as leave me alone and I will leave you alone. But overtime when the idea that folks are over fishing and the lake cannot sustain an indefinite number of folks, people will begin to become violent. Simple theft of fishing gear, boats, etc, and growing to violence against each other... This is assuming that its not some rogue group that moves in from the start because someone in the gang understands that a Lake means food and water. So with me not knowing anything about your lake, I would say it probably would be great for the immediate aftermath, but given enough time it would look more dangerous than safe and a good plan "B" would need to be executed. I think any lake that is on a map (printed) would become a place for the masses over a short span, depending on how serious the circumstances are. All my military training has taught me to avoid setting up on such places or to use the "lure" of the water to establish ambushes....but this isn't a typical military situation. It probably didn't help you much...sorry, but I recommend a lot of ammo, a network of early warning (lp/op's) and a good Plan "B".[/QUOTE]

I just wanted to reiterate the bold point. I think its well said and on point. At this point I have not google mapped the property but am curious about the "other side" of the lake. Where is the nearest mass population? I tend to think in TN things would a little different in that a lot of places produce more than they consume (food wise) and that will be an attribute to the area in SHTF. In areas where there isn't a lot of food production or farmland I'd be more concerned.
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