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I'm assuming this community doesn't require the disclaimer that you probably shouldn't do this if you have access to professional medical treatment, this is for exigent circumstances where professional medical treatment isn't available - but I'm not your dad so that's just a suggestion.

There's been talk of fish antibiotics in the prepper community for quite a few years - as a hobby chemist/biologist and active paramedic+RN, I've always been suprised that we don't hear more about laboratory supplies.

It's extremely easy to get very pure (don't confuse pure with sterile) local anesthetics, antibiotics, emergency medications like epinephrine (for allergy) or albuterol (for asthma/COPD), I even have atropine (common cardiac arrest medication but also used in organophosphate poisoning or for reversal of nerve gases). Especially antibiotics - most prescription only antibiotics are only considered controlled when labeled for human or animal use, but not for lab or petri dish use. This obviously doesn't extend to high scheduled controlled substances like opiates or dissociatives, however there are plenty of illegal suppliers of those too.

Here's the catch: Generally lab supplies come very cheap but in bulk, they aren't graded for human or animal consumption, they often come in powder solutions that have to be dissolved with ethanol or saline, and you have to do a lot of work to measure out doses properly. That generally involves a miligram scale, lots of patience, and often lots of repetition. Some suppliers also won't ship to residential addresses, but some do.

I would highly recommend you have the equipment to perform reagent tests on your substances. I also wouldn't use anything that isn't marked as sterile for injection, but possibly consumption/wound irrigation in the right circumstances. Do with this information as you will, as a medical professional I can't recommend you do this outside of exigent circumstances, I'm not your dad - but please do some research and be extremely careful if you do decide to go this route.
Disclaimer? DISCLAIMER?

We don't need no steenkin' DISCLAIMER!:vs_mad:
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