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Yeah as a physician with a greenhouse and school we order a lot of stuff too - except we can do the scrutiny and answer the questions and i think you take that for granted? Why would you suggest that anyway? So we all end up hobbled when our environment functioned fine and we don't owe it to whatever people to mess our own selves up to where we cant function either?
All these would be "saviours" who want credit for talking are self serving and put that vanity above other thought. Since the room is big enough, they are glad for their mouth to match it.
People need to keep looking and learning and accepting that unless they make something, it may be hard to come by. Cheater culture is going flat and supplies will be cut off. Stop with all the repurposing abuse and stop teaching people to make nitro without knowing if its on ice?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts