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Excellent post! I have been thinking about these things and it can be very overwhelming. I actually made a spreadsheet on different types of disasters that could occur in this area to help me determine what the priorities were to be prepared for.

An Air Force base is 20 miles west
Major chemical labs: one is 20 miles west and one is 40 miles north
We are in a medium to high risk earthquake zone.
We are at the far end of the ash fallout zone if Yellowstone blows.

One of my greatest fears is being at work when the SHTF. Even a small earthquake, will cause an enormous rock slide on my route home. There are not many ways to get here from there. My husband is disabled and cannot do much physically. So the best he can do is get his BOB and go.
I also just learned that there are numerous deep caverns that lay under the town I live in. Danger of sink holes.
It looks like most of my dangers include chemicals.That, I am not yet prepared for.
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